She brings it... Experience. Exposure. Expertise. Empowerment.

When you want it handled!

I Am Unstoppable...

When people try to tell you what you can't do. 

When people try to tell you what you can't say. 

When people try to tell you that it won't work. 

When you come against barriers at every turn, and yet still think you can, that's when you know!  

You were born for THIS. That's PURPOSE. ~ Sunny Slaughter

Sunny Slaughter leverages... 

Her resources and relationships as an experienced strategic business consultant, relevant subject matter expert, recognized influencer, powerhouse speaker, and engaging facilitator and trainer.   

Sunny Slaughter brings it...
The control and Experience to get it done.
The Exposure to be transparent and transformative.
A diversified portfolio of Expertise to be relevant.
The intersectional Empowerment for change. 

Sunny Slaughter is poised to...

Transform "thoughts and perspectives." 

Influence "policy and shift paradigms." ​

Promote "diversity, inclusion, and equity."

Raise "awareness and social consciousness." 

Change “the forecast of a crisis." 

​She's not on the edge. SHE IS THE EDGE! ​​​